Paws To People Funds its Third Research Project!
We are excited and pleased to announce that the Paws to People Board of Directors at today's meeting unanimously voted to fund our THIRD research project! The environment plays a major role in the development of many diseases for both pets and people. Water is a link shared by all on the planet.
Imagine the impact on research and community action of building an expandable database that models water quality district by district recording levels of specific water impurities overlaid with the pet incidences of certain diseases (specifically, the auto immune illnesses, thyroidism and IMHA) which might be influenced by these pollutants. Then we can overlay the incidence of the same diseases in humans living in those same areas. 
The value as science and medicine searches for commonalities, patterns and potential causality…the heart of the translational medicine…will be tremendous. This water testing and data collection combines the skills of environmental engineers, veterinarians, and human medical practitioners to put together a resource for those doing specific research in both veterinary and human health into those diseases and for communities assessing water safety. The project will initially focus on Albuquerque NM establishing a template that could be repeated and used across the country as science investigates the connections between the environment and the development of disease. 
Congratulations to the research team, Loren Baca, Cindy Locke, and Ehren Baca! We are anticipating an incredible Bridge!
And thank you to each of our supporters who helped make this proposal a funded reality. Building Bridges To cures...TOGETHER!
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