Paws To People Co-Hosts 

New Mexico Home Remodeling & Pet Expo March 24-25
Come by our booth and learn more about the amazing work being done to advance solutions to health issues that affect both people and their furbabies from cancer to PTSD. Help fund our newest study that looks at the possible connection between water contaminants and auto immune disease; the study will be based here in Albuquerque. Tell us about your pets and relate their stories.

In addition, Paws To People will have local specialists on hand to discuss topics of impact and to demonstrate essential pet parenting skills:

  • On Saturday, nationally acclaimed Animal Communicator, Sandy Lagno, author of HORSES: From Our Side of the Fence will join us to talk about her book, hearing your pet’s point of view, and learning how to improve your dialog with your animal. Sandy has 20 years of experience in helping pets and people through some of life’s toughest challenges like anti-social behaviors, illness, death using inter-species translation. Saturday 10:30am–:30pm.
  • Talk with Service Dog advocate, Tracy Rosenberg,  and Nathaniel Lukas,  expert trainer at Pets and Helping Dogs about the training, requirements, and value of these specially educated working dogs.  Learn the difference between Service Dogs, Emotional Support, and Therapy Dogs and find out if one could help you or a member of your family stay independent and more connected to the outside world. Meet Hot Rod, Tracy’s service dog. Saturday 12:30 pm-2:30pm.   
  • Improve any dog’s diet with a few simple additions from your own frig and pantry. Low cost add-ins that add vitamins, fiber, nutritional balance are easy ways to increase your dog’s energy levels, reduce weight, add vitality to coat without breaking the budget. Sue Smith, momma to the nationally famous blog sensation, The White Dog Army will share the secrets of how she keeps her pack of eleven healthy and fit. (Saturday from 2:30-4). Repeated on Sunday from 11am- 1pm.
  • Leave the Expo knowing how to handle minor pet emergencies at home. Sunday from 1-3pm, Nancy Fitzpatrick, long time rescue foster certified in pet CPR and first aid, will demonstrate how to  stock contents of pet first aid kit. Learn how to assess and triage for a simple sprain, allergies, scrape/cut, tummy upset, and whether to call your regular vet or rush for emergency treatment. Nancy will knowledgeably answer questions that will help you feel more confident in dealing with life’s little emergencies.

About the Event and Ticket Information
The New Mexico Home Remodeling and Pet Expo is all about ”love your home, love your pets” -two days of everything for the home with home improvement exhibits and a fun, an educational hands on special pet expo feature area where you can adopt a pet, learn more or buy great products for your pets. Santa Ana Star Center, March 24-25 from 10am until 4pm each day. Pre-order tickets or find more info