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Visit our ZAZZLE STORE. A portion of your purchase helps Paws To People to generate awareness and funds to support Translational/Comparative Study research to benefit better health and longer lives in both people and pets. 
Five Reasons To Support Paws To People

Paws To People’s purpose is to generate awareness and funds to support Translational Study research to benefit better health and longer lives in both people and pets. 

  • These Studies BRIDGE research and technology in veterinary and human medicine to advance understanding, prevent, and generate new therapies to treat disease.
  • We believe that by helping each other, dogs and humans can guide research that will unlock the secrets to the 400 diseases both share.  

Please help Paws To People meet the challenge to move closer to defeating catastrophic diseases like dementia, epilepsy, cancer and diabetes this year. Translational studies research (and its connection to both people and pets) is critical if we dare to dream of a world where these catastrophic diseases no longer have the power to cut short the lives of our children, our parents, and our pets. Your help is needed.

  1. Translational Studies provide the unifying hope to unlocking the clues and solutions that will eliminate and cure major diseases. This field is one of the fastest growing in both human and pet medicine. 
  2. Paws to People is the only national organization to focus on seed funding out of the box thinking to tackle the less “glamorous”, but not less critical illnesses, like Lyme Disease, that are underfunded and little understood in  both human and animal medicine.
  3. We walk our talk! In just three years, Paws To People has awarded research grants to improve the testing efficiency for Lyme Disease in dogs (2015, Dr. Jenna Mendell, Bridgewater State University) and our newly announced 2016 grant to explore how end of life decisions are reached and how we can help facilitate better information sharing (Dr. Roschelle Heuberger, Central Michigan University).
  4. Your donation dollars will go directly toward the funding of compassionate, humane research that utilizes the fact that our pets thoroughly share our experiences and environments, critical factors when looking for patterns and causality. The shorter lifespans of our pets allow us to see in fast forward how humans will also be affected.
  5. This is a direct, real-life way to make a difference to the clients you serve. Your mission and those of Paws To People are aligned in our desire to create a healthier, happier, long-lived community.
It is our goal this year to raise $20,000. This will allow us to fund one pilot study whose research will build a bridge to advance the fight to save lives. Your generous participation with Paws To People will help us meet that goal.

 Building Bridges To Cures…Together!

Get Involved - Volunteer with Paws To People
A little time to give or a lot, there is a place for you.
  • We plan events, dog- and family-friendly, that will call attention to the Bridges between human and canine diabetes; honor two- and four-legged cancer Warriors; reach out to the homeless communities and their pets to provide health resources; sponsor our second annual human and canine Blood Drive; participate in Purple Month (Epilepsy Awareness); and share the facts about PTSD. 
  • There are LOTS of roles in the planning and execution of these events from artists to writers, to brainstormers, to those who just want to come and help set up the scene or staff the day. No contribution is unappreciated.
Additionally Paws To People attends Events held by other groups to share information, build bridges and promote our mission.
  • Volunteers staff these booths and talk with the public about what it is we do.
Want to give some of your business skills?
  • We can always use committee members to do marketing, website maintenance, financial planning and more. As we grow, so does our need for your voice, your talent, your special uniqueness. 
After all, we have a Bridge to Cures! If you are interested in helping, volunteering, or participating please contact us through the Contact Us section below, talk with us at an event, or attend a Board meeting (they are open to the public as well). We are interested in your thoughts, ideas, assistance and time.
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