Paws To People Wants Your Vehicle!

  • Do you have an unwanted vehicle that needs a new home, but would like to avoid the hassle of finding a buyer for it?
  • Would you like to find a donation source that maximizes your tax deduction?
  • Would you like to donate your vehicle to a charity that you believe in?
  • Since you’re reading this, we trust that you have faith in in our mission of saving the lives of people and pets through the funding of compassionate studies that look at the disease, not at the species.
How it Works

Paws To People is working together with One Community Auto to assist us in the vehicle donation process.

One Community Auto’s mission is to help nonprofits such as Paws To People to raise money through car donations

They create a win-win-win by taking in donated vehicles, refurbishing them, and then reselling them at their Albuquerque retail lot to our neighbors in need of an affordable used vehicle.

This not only saves the car from the junk yard, but it also gives you a higher deduction and the charity more money to complete their missions.  Other programs send vehicles to auction, but One Community Auto saves the vehicles and gives them new life. They generate an average of five to ten times more money than other donation programs!

You win by getting the maximum tax deduction and helping Paws To People. Paws To People wins by receiving the proceeds from your vehicle donation. Our neighbors win by having access to used vehicles that they can afford.

How does it work? Call One Community Auto at 505-901-9510, or visit their donation website at: If online, fill out the online form. Make sure to designate Paws To People as the recipient of your donation. Your vehicle will be picked up and you will receive a receipt. One Community Auto sells your vehicle and sends you a final receipt.

It’s so simple, and means so much to Paws To People and our community!

If your car is wrecked or won't start, that's OK! One Community Auto will accept anything on wheels, running or not. Even if the vehicle is totaled, you might consider buying it back from the insurance company and donating it to charity. Car donations, truck donations, van donations, bus donations, RV donations, boat donations, ATV donations, motorcycle donations, or any other vehicle donations, we'll accept just about anything. A vehicle that you consider a junk car can help your community.