committed to furthering translational studies research in catastrophic diseases to save the lives of humans and pets

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Paws To People Wants Your Vehicle!

Donate your car, truck, van, RV, trailer, motorcycle, boat, or personal watercraft and more. If it has wheels- we want it. We can take a wrecked vehicle as well even if it was totaled out by insurance.

Paws To People Vehicle Donation Program
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Call for Research Grant Applicants

Paws To People is committed to achieving lasting change that transforms the lives of humans and pets suffering from catastrophic disease. Through our grant making, we support innovative thinkers, researchers, and organizations that are working to find causes, preventions, and cures for catastrophic diseases (especially those focused on the nearly 400 shared by people and animals).


In 2015, our organization awarded a $10,000 grant to Dr. Jenna Mendell of Bridgewater State University to find a better way to diagnose Lyme disease in dogs.


In 2016, we awarded $6,500 to Dr. Roschelle Heuberger of Central Michigan University to collect and analyze data about end of life decision-making in animals and humans, a subject that hasn’t been addressed in the past.


We invite you to CLICK HERE and download the FAQs and application to apply for funding.

Faces of Cancer Warriors

These warriors have different manifestations of the disease and different protocols of treatment. All can attest to the value of nutrition and supplement enhancement, continued involvement in life through regular exercise, the power of a loving environment…and proper medical care.
Cancer Heroes

Take an active part in your pet’s fight against cancer:

1. Choose an Optimal and healthy diet of fresh and whole foods free of fillers and preservatives.

2. Exercise is the best way to fight stress. A stressed animal is very prone to cancer because of weak resistance. Exercise stimulates immunity and promotes endorphin production. It is also very important to control weight, to boost digestive health, to promote detoxification, and to develop muscle tone, respiratory health, and mental and emotional stability.

3. Cancer is common for unsprayed female and unneutered male dogs. Have your pet “fixed” at an appropriate age.

4. With the help of your vet, develop a regimen of supplements to hasten the healing period, boost the immune system and aid in promoting healthy living of your dog.

Catastrophic disease, like cancer, is not predictable but there are steps every fur-parent can take to make sure your loved one is healthy, well nourished, and in fighting form.
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Paws To People Organization

Come, take an active part in helping us grow...

Looking for an opportunity to use your special talents and enthusiasm to make a difference? Paws To People welcomes volunteers at all levels of our organization. In fact, from top down all of our members donate their time and efforts to saving the lives of people and pets through raising awareness and funds for translational studies research.

A little time to give or a lot, there is a place for you. This year we plan events, dog- and family-friendly, that will call attention to the Bridges between human and canine diabetes; honor two- and four-legged cancer Warriors; reach out to the homeless communities and their pets to provide health resources; sponsor our second annual human and canine Blood Drive; participate in Purple Month (Epilepsy Awareness); and share the facts about PTSD. There are LOTS of roles in the planning and execution of these events from artists to writers, to brainstormers, to those who just want to come and help set up the scene or staff the day. No contribution is unappreciated.

Additionally Paws To People attends Events held by other groups to share information, build bridges and promote our mission. Volunteers staff these booths and talk with the public about what it is we do.

Want to give some of your business skills? We can always use committee members to do marketing, website maintenance, financial planning and more. As we grow, so does our need for your voice, your talent, your special uniqueness.
After all, we have a Bridge to Cures! If you are interested in helping, volunteering, or participating please contact us through, talk with us at an event, come to a monthly public meeting...or attend a Board meeting (they are open to the public as well). We are interested in your thoughts, ideas, assistance and time.

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